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PeopleCore is a browser-based that is accessible online anytime and anywhere. These means that even remote branches, project sites, and offices can now be connected in real-time allowing the organization to implement regardless of business model. Unlike other HRIS in the market, the power of PeopleCore is on its capability to deploy some simple to complex operations in various types of industries, from a single organization to large enterprise with multiple companies, locations, and facilities. This means the organization is now physically bridging through the IT infrastructure and information management. The system is not only secured but can be fully audited when required. Compliance applies not only to policies but also to audits (Internal, External, or Quality Standard) and can be easily addressed.


Every business needs an HRIS to manage its most valuable asset, its people. That is why PeopleCore provides a complete, seamless automation of all HR processes without the risk of looking for another HRIS over and over again. Whether you are a big company or a small enterprise, PeopleCore can help you with your growing business needs and requirements. Technology Solutions Co. Inc will be there to support you every step of the way.



Your business needs an efficient system that can save you time and resources and reduce your cost all the while. What makes an HRIS system efficient is its ability to automate all your HR processes seamlessly. PeopleCore is very comprehensive, complete, very flexible and can be extensively customized to meet your company’s requirements. PeopleCore can cover complex biometric-based and paperless attendance management and even automation of all processes of HR.


It’s a myth that implementing an HR system is costly and can drain your business budget. Large and small companies alike are now investing on a good HRIS. HR departments are prone to overwhelming paperwork that can lead to more data errors. PeopleCore can help you eliminate errors from manual labor of paper-based employee tracking. We will help you lower your cost by improving your business operations. PeopleCore will make your business process become more efficient, convenient and streamlined.